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10 reasons why outsourcing to India is still better than outsourcing to Philippines call centers and BPO

Is the Indian Call Center and BPO industry in a state of flux right now? Many news stories are painting a grim picture like these reports by CNN or New York Times. But a closer look reveals discrepancies in the Filipino claim of surpassing Indian Call Centers.

India still has the lion's share in outsourcing. And the BPO industry, deeply rooted in terra firma, is branching out into KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing), LPO (Litigation Process Outsourcing), Software solutions, IT and ITeS. The Nasscom report tells that Indian industry is slated for garnering USD 100 billion revenue for the fiscal 2012. Below given are 10 reasons why Indian Call Center and BPO industry are still the choicest in the world –

1. Resource pool – India has not just Call Center or BPO, but is leading in other services of the value chain as well, like Knowledge Process Outsourcing as the Report by Nasscom illustrates. North America avails the bulk of these services, more than 65%! India is also the choicest destination for Litigation Process Outsourcing and Medical Transcriptions Outsourcing. And Indian IT professionals are so renowned across the world that they constitute a vital faction even in Silicon Valley. Indian IT enabled services providers offer you the best solutions at the best price in the world. And if you outsource your voice or BPO operations to India, then you can always integrate them with the best IT solutions like CRM, ERP systems.

2. Crucial Cost Benefit – Filipino call center executives have not been able to match up to the unbeatable prices of Indian industry. They confess to being more expensive than Indian Call Center and BPO services. So if you truly want your money’s worth for the bouquet of quality services, then look no further than Indian call centers. Indians are not just more experienced in the trade, but have also mastered many of the processes of BPO.

3. English speaking Workforce –India has 1.2 billion people, 31 percent of whom are 14 years old or younger, while the Philippines has 93 million people, about 35 percent of them 14 or younger. So while India’s workforce is estimated become more than 372 million, Philippines’ will be around 32 million. The English speaking of India will always outnumber rest of the world, providing you assured call center services even 10 years down the line.

4. English Accent – Indians have a naturally neutral accent, which emphasizes on the clarity of pronounced word. Indians have very rich lingual diversity and an ability to pronounce all kinds of phonetic words and adapt any accent if need be. Not many people know about this secret inherent advantage which Indians have, owing to the fact that India is home to world’s oldest language – Sanskrit from which most Indian languages are derived. Linguists concede that Sanskrit is the most scientific language and its 36 consonants and 16 vowels are the maximum that any language has. Sanskrit has consonants of all possible sounds that can be generated by labial, labiodental, dental, palatal, velar, glottal and retroflex actions. So an Indians can roll and twist their tongue to fluently speak any language or accent, be it American, British, Australian or any other.

5. Familiarity with the western world – Philippines harps on the fact that they are more familiar with American culture as they were its colony in the past. And also that the youth of Philippines emulates USA culture of watching Friends and eating burgers, so they are more Americanised. India on the other hand, is familiar not just with America, but also UK, Australia, European countries etc. We have a receptive outlook towards all cultures of the world. While we don’t claim to be an Americanised populace like Philippines call center’s claim, but we as Indians have had our share of Mc Donaldisation and are surely a globalized populace which embraces the level-playing field.

6. Hospitality – Indians are recognized worldwide as one of the most hospitable people in the world. This inherent courtesy value adds to the customer service skills of Indian Call Center executives. This trait of hospitality has led to the boom of tourism and service sector industries in India. We know that customer is the raison d'être for any enterprise and are dedicated to their service.

7. Scope of expansion – India is the seventh largest country of the world with more than three million square kilometers of area. This translates into an enormous growth potential in infrastructure. India also has dedicated knowledge IT parks and special economic zones for the industries, and is developing more such areas to facilitate growth. So all the operations in India are almost seamlessly scalable, unlike in Philippines which is less than 10% of India’s area.

8. Symbiotic business relationship – India is one of the biggest markets of the world. The enterprises which carve inroads into this market are the ones who strike it rich. Outsourcing work to India then can become your back channel into Indian markets. While handling your projects, the Call Center Executives become not just familiar with your brand, but also your first potential customers and sales multipliers. Outsourcing to India will spell profit, profit and more profit!

9. Stable governance – India has been a dynamic democratic nation ever since it became free from its colonisers through a non-violent struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi. But governance of Philippines has been rather more precarious. It was under a military dictatorship till 1980s, it saw brazen coup attempts after it ended. The democracy of the country is fairly young, and we wish for it to flourish further. However it is no match for the mature and stable Indian governance which is fostering economic growth.

10. Stable environment –While any natural disaster is highly unpredictable, yet we can study the geography of a region to determine their safety. India being a huge mainland with all kinds of terrain is fairly safe due to its sheer size. The metropolitans of India with outsourcing hubs like Bangalore, Noida, and Gurgaon are environmentally in safe zones. A Report by Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction says that Philippines was the country with maximum natural disasters in the year 2011 in the world. Total 33 disasters struck and reduced to ruins the valuable properties.

So the answer is self-evident! Indian Call Centers and BPOs which became synonymous with Outsourcing industry, are going to be the front runners of the industry in the longer run. And with emergence of Philippines and other nations in the fray, the times ahead will be competitive and exciting. India may trump or may lose to Philippines in the trade, but rest assured, the customer will win as he gets the best services!