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Call Center Outsourcing

Choose the one who is best for you!

We aim to go beyond the usual business partnerships.
Vcare Corporation is among the few BPOs in India who lead the nation in the field of call center outsourcing. We deliver premium quality services to organizations coming from diverse business verticals. Irrespective of whether you are a start-up or a global business leader, we can always collaborate with you to work towards your business goals. We are there to manage your customer service requirements, no matter what they are.

The search for the right Contact Center outsourcing partner may not always end up giving the expected results. There are thousands of companies rendering these services in India and from all over the world. A business owner cannot afford to make any kind of mistake while taking such a crucial decision. An organization needs a service provider that has the capability to provide quality deliverables within the specified timeframe. Moreover, you need to evaluate outsourced call centers in terms of all the parameters that affect your business.

You need not look for the best; you need the one who is best for you.
Vcare Corporation does not go about promoting its services. We rather want you to judge us on the basis of your service experience. We understand that we become responsible for the brand value of a company the moment it hands over its customer service requirements to us. Vcare Corporation aims to add value to your brand. We appreciate the hard work you have put in to gain the support of your customers. Now it is our turn to enhance the experience of your customers.

A partner that delivers on time.
  • Quality: Vcare Corporation enhances service quality by providing your customers with each and every service that they ask. Our team is ready to extend its support to your customers at any time of the day. In addition, your customers can get connected to us through the medium they like, be it through phone, e-mail support or live chat.
  • Overcoming language barriers: At Vcare Corporation, we assure multi-lingual support. We employ experienced professionals whose specialty lies in communication. These professionals connect with, and understand your customers just like you do.
  • Timeliness: A business needs to abide by the guidelines when it comes to the turnaround time. Your efforts may get wasted if things do not get done at the right time. Vcare does not believe in lingering on with work. We do not leave any scope for reminders and deliver quality work on time.

Next steps?
We will be glad to know about your specific requirements and provide you with the most suitable call center outsourcing services from our delivery centers located in India and America. Feel free to pen down your information in the short contact form by clicking the link below and we'll contact you shortly.

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You may also call us at +1.206.441.7760 and email us at We thank you for your interest in Vcare Corporation and look forward to speaking with you soon!