Attract New Subscribers by Employing Quality Telecom Billing Software Services

With increasing pressure on telcos to deliver attractive services to the subscribers, the importance of telecom billing and payment software has risen. Legacy software solutions are simply not good enough to meet the requirements of the future. Not only subscribers expect complete transparency in their bills, they also desire attractive discounts.

Understanding Telecom Billing Process

A telecom billing process starts when a customer uses a telecom service e.g. if he makes a call. The meditation system in the billing engine picks up the call data from a network switch and generates a call data record (CDR). The CDR is then stored and rated according to the tariff plan of a telecom services provider. After that, discounts are applied. These discounts can be of two types: billing time discount and rating time discounts. Later, the information is converted into a printable format and bills are generated. A telecom billing process can be quite difficult to manage without an outstanding telecom billing and payment software.

Managing Billing Tasks with Telecom Billing Software Services

As a telecom vendor is mostly busy in managing his core competencies like expanding the outreach of his network, he has very little time to address the billing requirements. Ignoring billing can lead to mistakes in the billing process, which can reduce customers’ trust. When a customer does not rely on you, it is very much possible that he will leave you for your competitor. Hence, it becomes essential to take the help of Telecom Billing Software Services. Some of the major advantages offered by a telecom billing service are listed below:

  1. Itemized bills: Modern-day customers crave fully itemized bills that give them detailed information about their call data. Good telecom billing software services are capable of devising solutions that can generate automated itemized bills right after the end of a billing cycle.
  2. Eliminates recurring errors: A company that employs a rudimentary telecom billing and payment software solution; generally fails to address the recurring errors in telecom billing. Not fixing this issue can be a death knell for any business. To avoid such recurring errors, telecom billing software services that have good knowhow of telecom billing can be employed.
  3. Discounts: No telecom operator can survive in today’s competitive world without offering attractive discounts to its customers. No matter how good your services are, there will always be some customers who would be willing to ditch your services if you don’t offer them discounts. Quality telecom billing and payment software solutions offered by billing services providers can be used for offering both rating and billing time discounts. It is also possible to attract new customers by providing innovative cross-product discounts.


In these times of great competition, telcos simply cannot depend on substandard and outdated telecom billing solutions. Moreover, they do not have too much time to spend on devising new telecom billing solutions by themselves. Hence, it makes good business sense to invest in a good telecom billing and payment software. To ensure that the software meets the unique requirements of your business, it is best to take help of telecom billing software services.

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