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Advanced IVR

Businesses best understand the need to stay in touch
Organizations need to work together to accomplish their business goals. Working together is impossible without communication that enables the exchange of ideas and drives business growth. This is especially true for a modern organization whose business partners are located in different parts of the world. IVR services act as a pillar of support for the business network of your organization. You can reduce your business constraints to a large extent through an efficient IVR system.

Vcare call center offers Cisco-driven IVR application solutions. The services improve the productivity of your company through enhancement of flexibility and simplification of business process integration. A Cisco-enabled platform allows you to deploy the services for the benefit of your customers. In addition, it helps enterprises in the deployment of IVR application development solutions. This also adds to the satisfaction of your customers. Vcare call center understands that businesses need to be proactive. The IVR hosting services provided by Vcare call center help organizations streamline their business functions.

Our services distinguish themselves through.
  • Integration of database: At Vcare call center, we understand that a customer calling up our contact center expects some service from us. We enable integration of various databases to simplify the process for a customer. A customer can easily check the present status of his payment, shipment or even his flight reservation.
  • Text to speech conversion: A unique feature that helps in the conversion of customer’s information into words.
  • Efficient call screening: Vcare call center tries its level best to support its workforce. Effective call screening allows us to provide our customer service representatives with the details of a caller even before they answer the call. Thus our agents are prepared to give their best to every customer call.
  • Intelligent call routing: Vcare call center understands the value of a loyal customer. Our intelligent routing solution allows automatic routing of customer calls. The calls are routed to customer service executives who provide satisfactory answers to customers.

A customer need not wait for his turn
Keeping the call of a customer on hold unnecessarily adds to his impatience. Vcare call center further enhances its IVR programming through free queuing service. The service allows us to answer every call without adding to the burden of our team. The feature is automatically activated whenever call traffic exceeds answering capacity.

Why is our IVR customer service fit for your business?
  • Improvement in call control
  • Easy to implement IVR solutions
  • Cost reduction
  • A consistent answer to changing business needs
  • Evident decrease in customer complaints

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